3 Ways to Fold Sweaters

Maybe it’s just me... but does anyone else find their drawers and shelves look like they were hit by a tornado by the end of the week? At this time of year, keeping my sweater organized is my biggest problem. Literally every day, I throw on my favourite pair of denim or leggings paired with a cozy sweater. 

This year I was determined to find the best way to organize my sweaters. I wanted to find a way that was functional and visually pleasing, but most importantly, it had to be maintainable! I decided to take the time in January to try out some different methods to see which ones worked the best. Below are the three methods I now use and love! I now use a combination of all three methods to make sure I maximize the space I have appropriately. Without further ado… here they are!

1. Fold and Stack 

This is a classic. I use this one for my more expensive/higher quality sweaters or ones that are bulkier and don't fit nicely in my drawers. I don’t necessarily wear these sweaters every week so it’s easy to keep them neat and organized.

2. The Filing Fold

This method has been a game changer. It’s allowed me to fit more sweaters in one drawer than I ever thought possible, while still being able to see each one. I use this method for the majority of my sweaters. Click here to learn how to do this fold!


3. Fold and Hang

This fold is ideal if you have more hanging space than drawer/shelf space. Hanging sweaters improperly can quickly cause them to lose their shape, but this fold makes sure your sweaters keep their shape giving them a longer life! Personally, I only use this one for a couple of my sweaters since I have more drawer space than closet space. Learn how to fold like this here

I honestly love all three of these methods. I’ve found it super easy to maintain and so much easier to pick out a sweater to wear in the morning! Since tackling my sweaters,I’ve been inspired to dive into the rest of my closet...stay tuned for more details on how that goes!




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