Behind the Brand

Dear Sorella was born from our search for beautiful, versatile clothing (from the brands we love) in our hometown. We were born in North Bay, Ontario, where we were both living during the summer of 2020 when we decided to collaborate and curate a collection of fashion, lifestyle & home décor products that would speak to like-minded women. 

Our name was inspired by the unbreakable bond between sisters. 

Sisters support each other time & time again, and we think everyone deserves a relationship like that. At Dear Sorella we value confidence, curiosity & collaboration and our goal is to help you embrace & express your creativity & individuality by providing you with the most beautiful things from the brands you love.

Our Philosophy

At Dear Sorella we believe in sourcing high quality, timeless products that will last you years to come. Each and every piece & product in our collection is hand-picked with sustainability and suitability for life in Canada in mind. We pick pieces that we absolutely love & know that you will too.

Welcome to our Dear Sorella family.